We are so thankful that you joined us at this year's conference! We hope that these next couple days are life-giving, equipping, challenging, and refreshing for you and your team. 

We are very excited about our ministry roundtable discussions, and are excited to learn ourselves as we rub shoulders with all of you. 

We wanted to attach some resources that we hope will be helpful to you and your ministry! 

growth track

small groups

ministry playbooks

cue cards

worship ministry




12:00pm -Ministry Leader Lunch at TopGolf

2:00pm - Ministry Discussions

5:00pm - Break (Dinner on your own)

7:00pm - Session 1


8:00am - Krispy Kreme Donuts and Coffee

8:30am - Session 2 (Panel Discussion)

10:30am - Session 3

12:00pm - Chick-fil-a Lunch

1:30pm - Session 4


8:00am - Worship Experience / Anniversary Celebration

9:30am - Worship Experience / Anniversary Celebration

11:00am - Worship Experience / Anniversary Celebration

12:30pm - Worship Experience / Anniversary Celebration


Friday, January 19th

12:00pm - Ministry Leader Lunch

2:00pm - Combined Session: "Creativity in the Local Church" with Larry Chappell

- How much is too much?

- How to break out of ministry ruts.

- How to think + plan diffferently. 

3:00pm - Ministry Track Breakout #1

Culture Track: "Fill the Head or Fill the Pew?" 

- Keys to expositional excellence

- What is the healthy balance of attraction and education?

Creative Track: "Excellence in your Online Presence"

- Creative + engaging social media. 

- Tips + tricks to stand out. 

- What, when, and how to post. 

- The power of simplicity. 

4:00pm - Ministry Track Breakout #2

Culture Track: "Metrics that Matter"

- When and how to add a service.

- What are healthy mile-markers for your ministries?

Creative Track: "Service Experience and Production"

- Learning how to communicate

- The flow of a Sunday

- How to set up for a win

- Teamwork that makes the dreamwork