Q & A

Who is your sending Church?

Our sending Church is Coastline Baptist Church in Oceanside, CA with Pastor Steve Chappell.

Will there be a team joining you?

We are praying and asking God to give us six to seven other families who will catch the vision and join us as we plant Rock Hill Baptist Church.

Why "Rock Hill"?

Jesus said upon this Rock I will build my church. We want the foundation of everything we believe and practice to be based on the Rock - Jesus Christ.

How will you raise support?

We are stepping out by faith and trusting that God will provide the resources needed to start this church. We are asking pastors and churches to partner with us financially as we seek to do God's work in North Fontana.

What are your initial start up needs?

  • Direct Mailing-  In the weeks leading up to our Launch, we would like to send a 30,000 piece direct mailer into our community. This will cost approximately $7,000.
  • Media Equipment - Although we are not seeking extravagance, we are seeking excellence. A Computer, Sound Board, TV Monitors, Lights, and Microphones, will all help us better share the gospel.
  • Auditorium Set Up- We are asking God to provide us with chairs, tables, offering plates, keyboard, and miscellaneous auditorium furniture.   
  • Print Work- We are planning on passing out thousands and thousands of gospel invitations to our church. The cost to print these tracts will be around $5,000
  • Website and Database - We live in a culture that is web driven. Long before people ever come to our church they will visit through our website. There is an initial start up fee of $1,000 and a monthly upkeep fee of $50. 
  • Signage- Signage is extremely important. We want the information our guest need to know to be clearly seen. To print directional signs, parking signs, and others we will need approximately $5,000.  

What are your beliefs?